Lydia’s Yam Soup – reheated

We did something like this every week

Our original Talking Food 2012 description – “Local food guru Lydia Bachelor leads a discussion about healthy eating, nutrition, shopping, markets, cooking, recipes – and any other food experience and knowledge that we would like to share”.

It was not a radio production. It was a live event, streaming what would have happened anyway – and considerably longer than this edited version.

Our budget

  • zero.

Our production values

  • everything must be done by older people (even if the result is below BBC standard)
  • use only the most basic equipment (available to everyone)
  • the background hubbub is just as important as the voices close to the microphone (the social context is vital).

Our message

  • “If you are listening to this – STOP. Turn off your computer NOW. Please accept this invitation to join us in the real world – we have food for your body, mind and soul – and none of it is digital. Real World First!”

The track

Recorded 10 May 2012 at ‘The Lawns’, Matthias Rd, London N16. Remixed June 2019.

Links mentioned

The Lawns was a lively (but acoustically-challenged) digital and social inclusion centre for older local residents.

The League of Meals was a fun project that did not survive contact with reality.